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Welcome to Paradise Stitchery! We are pleased to introduce our pattern, Last Day in Paradise. This pattern has been a labor of love, and is available for purchase at our eBay store at this link.

On the left of Adam and Eve is the Tree of Life, and on the right is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. As you can see, Good and Evil are fighting in the tree itself, with Evil contorting Good and vice versa. 

Since humans were the pinnacle of God’s creation, all of the birds and animals are facing Adam and Eve, except for the two sheep with their backs turned toward them, representing the coming disobedience. The weeping willow in the distance behind the Tree of Knowledge foreshadows the sorrow coming to mankind. 

Genesis says that after Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, “then the eyes of both of them were opened.” Consequently, only the animals near the Tree of Knowledge have eyes. The animals near the Tree of Life have no eyes, and because this is a snapshot of Paradise before the Fall, Adam and Eve do not have eyes yet either. 

The dove, representing the Holy Spirit, is hovering near the Tree of Knowledge, symbolic of God’s plan of redemption to save mankind from evil. Everyone is at rest except the Dove, as only God can save us from our sins. The serpent, as befits his sneaky character, is hidden, preparing to make his move on the innocent Adam and Eve. Can you find him? 

There is more symbolism in the piece, but we will let you have the fun of discovering it.

We wish you many happy stitching hours!

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Last Day in Paradise

Last Day in Paradise is now available for purchase. This is a professionally-printed, 20-page booklet. The design size is 395 wide by 249 high. The pattern is suitable for both linen and aida. For more information, please visit our eBay store at this link.

Please note the purchase price includes free first-class shipping.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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